How to make a contribution.

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How to add a contribution - instructions:

1. We recommend that you prepare your material in a  text editor ( EG Word) and spell check.

2. Make an appropriate headline for the material (some may exist)

3.Log in using your username and password. as below.


4.Insert your heading in the "search" box as shown below:


5.Create and open the editor as shown below:


6.Cut and paste your material or add directly and save as shown below:


7. The system automatically records the source of the material, However you may wish to also add your name to the subject index

8. To add your details return to "Main page" and choose the Catagory and select the "Subject"

To add all your details in the text editor and table as shown, select edit and insert details with the same heading.

There is much more to learn about the "text editor" for example adding images, linking files and more. This will develop in time - Experiment or contact George to learn more.