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We welcome applications from qualified chefs or food related experts to join as Chefpedia Contributors. All contributors will be identified and acknowledged (See main page for details)
All contributions should be identified with the contributors name and Chefpedia label - Name or headline of topic - Date posted - Technical (T) or non technical (NT) Technical information (T) requires verification by either referencing the source of information, or may be verified by other chefpedia contributors before being generally accepted as reliable.
Non technical information (NT) that includes personal experiences and articles do not need verification. Please report illegal, offensive or abusive information.

Chefpedia Contributors and label: Name or headline of topic: Date posted: Varification
Culinary info for professional chef. 8-8-2011 Website
* A website and resource for professional chefs March 8 2012 Website
Chefs initiatives may include: unique initiatives, unusual projects or distinctive experiences that demonstrate an extra commitment to the culinary world.. Create the page in the search box add details and link using the text editor. Add a reference point on this page