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The Sidney Taylor Memorial Black Hat.

Founded in Victoria and bestowed upon chefs who have made an outstanding contribution to Australian culinary progress and development at the highest level. Since its investiture in 1980 nine Black Hats have been awarded. The award is seen as the pinnacle of recognition of contribution to the professional cookery industry and the recipient is given the right to wear a traditional chefs black hat. The common industry practice for trainee chefs who wear black caps has no relationship with this award.

Sidney Taylor !980(RIP)

Alexander Chenevier 1982(RIP)

Ernst Stuhler 1984

John Miller 1987

Claudio Magris 1990 (RIP)

Aelfryn Bailey 1991 (RIP)

George Hill 2001

Bernd Uber 2006

Gary Farrell 2006

Brendan Hill
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