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Jump to: navigation, search is a web-based encyclopedia / dictionary that any approved contributor chef or related expert can add to or edit, similar to most Wikis.

Contributors are authors and writers

Before you add an article or add a technical description: Consider the following:

From a search, if your topic does not exist and you believe it would be educational to the chef’s community you create it, however first consider the following benchmarks

  • Is it a worthwhile subject for a chef’s encyclopedia?
  • Is it interesting to the professional culinary world?
  • If it is a technical topic is it verifiable ?(references should be put at the end to verify information)
  • If it is an article is it educational in some way
  • If the answer is 'no' to any of these, do not create the article. Articles or technical information that are not verifiable or educational will deleted.
  • If you have a supporting picture, add the image to your information: Pictures should be JPEG or GIF and ideally small - Ideal 300 picksels square or appropriate smallest image that demonstrated the need

Contributors may add relevant information in many ways:

1. Articles:

Articles should be information/educational focused, for example follow the following links to view:<> - <Chefs>- <Articles> - <My induction into a commercial kitchen>

This is an article an account of my own start in a commercial kitchen and intends to portray both what it was like to be an apprentice years ago (The educational) as well as give a private opinion (the story).

- All articles should have an educational outcome or message.
- Articles may be about: Products, Services, and Experiences, in any one of the headings or topics on the main page

2. Technical information:

Contributors may elect to be a specialist or a generalist.

Specialists elect to concentrate on adding information in which they are highly experienced in one of the headings or topics on the main page EG Specialists are identified in approved contributors

EG A chef or expert who experience is specialised in would add varieties of fish and their international equivalent names - vegetables – eggs - meat and their international equivalent cuts – pastry – molecular- produce etc in any of the main page headings.

Or a generalist may add information anywhere including but not limited to: Articles - Descriptions of Techniques - Technical Terms – Recipes- New concepts – Opinions of changes to technical terms / techniques etc in any of the main page headings.

 3. Technical Terms:

Technical terms may be added, or if the term already exists and an alternative or additional description is required, the alternative or additional information is added to the original (or created as a new)

4. Recipes

Recipes may be added,, but very aware the audience are chefs who are qualified and experienced and do not need full descriptions, recipes (unless absolutely necessary) should reflect a simple explanation with appropriate terminologyto reduce unnecessary explanation.

E.G Honey glazed prawns on a tropical paw-paw salad with vanilla bean vinaigrette

Heading search: would be: - Honey glazed prawns < Create page> Add recipe
Recipe description added would be :
Honey glazed prawns on a tropical salad with vanilla bean vinaigrette
Sauté au beurre - king prawns with Manuka honey served on a bed of Mesclun salad and macedoine of paw-paw tossed with vanilla bean infused vinaigrette. Garnished and served

( If in a recipe a technical term is used,  search to ensure the term exists,  if not, create and describe)

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